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پيام مدير عامل شركت آسيا ناما

In the name of the Unique Creator

As a blessed nation with one of the largest reservoirs of natural gas, the Islamic Republic of Iran has been thankful for this divine endowment by the establishment of the world’s largest CNG burning engines fleet.

Asia Nama’s mission for future generations is to preserve national assets and protect the environment by optimized and programmed use of these valuable and massive economic potentials. This target has been brought into practice by the endeavors and direct investment of Bank Sepah in the establishment and commissioning of one of the largest CNG and pressurized tank manufacturing factories in Iran, ANCC (Public J.S), as a glittering ring stone of the country’s hi-tech industries.

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With more than one third of a century experience in manufacturing stationary accessories for both local and neighboring markets, in 2006, Asia Nama authorities began to consider the high rate of air pollution throughout the country, lack of adequate fuel supply for vehicles and the national plan for modifying 10 million cars to “bi-fuel engines” in a 5 year period...

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