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With more than one third of a century experience in manufacturing stationary accessories for both local and neighboring markets, in 2006, Asia Nama authorities began to consider the high rate of air pollution throughout the country, lack of adequate fuel supply for vehicles and the national plan for modifying 10 million cars to “bi-fuel engines” in a 5 year period. They had a thorough local and national market analysis and a series of scientific and industrial researches accomplished before they made decision within the due development plan framework to change the company’s field of activity and start to manufacture compressed natural gas cylinders.

A competent research team was assigned to collect the required information related to the production procedures. Eventually, on the basis of inclusive market analyses in Iran and the neighboring countries, the company’s outstanding local and foreign engineers and consultants made conclusion to start with the production of type 1 cylinders by the use of steel sheets, provided that the development plan will include the production of type 2 and 3 cylinders as well.

By putting an endless effort into the project, Asia Nama group managed to achieve the state-of-the-art technical knowledge of the industry. As a result, the company’s plan was selected as the best industrial plan of the year by the Ministry of Mine and Industries and the Bureau of Note #13 of the Budget Law. The plan is still being referred to by other companies as a valid reference document in the ministry.

As the largest producer of preform and CNG cylinders in the Islamic Republic of Iran and throughout the region, Asian Nama Industrial Group has invested €50m in manufacturing CNG cylinders in compliance with ISO 11439 Standard, holding up to a bi-dimensional humanitarian and economic insight upon the industry.

In order to achieve the highest quality product and increase the competitive potentials against the biggest European manufacturers, the company has purchased its most advanced hi-tech equipment from Germany and partially from South Korea. This manufacturing plant enjoys the highest technology of CNG industry and is certified by TUV Germany.