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CNG Cylinder Type Approval Certificate

Asia Nama CNG Cylinder Manufacturing Company has been granted by TUV NORD, a type approval certificate on the basis of standards ISO11439 - rev. 2000, ISIRI7598 - 2nd edition and ECE R110 rev. 2010. This certificate confirms compliance with the global technical standard of CNG Cylinder production and any type of cylinder certified by this needs to have passed all the due tests and kept within the due specifications. The tests accomplished on our cylinders are listed as below:

1. Evaluation of dimensions and physical specification (volume, weight, thickness, Etc.)

2. Pressure Cycling Test; ambient temperature, under 20-260 bar pressure, minimum 15000 cycles

3. Burst Test

4. Leak before Break Test (LBB)

5. Bonfire Test

6. Penetration Test

7. Painting Test

8. Coating Test

9. Evaluation of cylinder plates’ mechanical specifications (tensile strength, yield strength and relative length increase percentage)

10. Sulfide Stress Cracking Resistance Test

Mandatory Standard Sign Application License

In completion of its compliance to a collection of diverse international standards, Asian Nama Co. has obtained the Mandatory Standard Sign Application License as well.

Iranian National Standards License

Asian Nama CNG Manufacturing Group is about to complete the last procedures to obtain a number of international licenses, including OHSAS, ISO 14001, ISO/TS 16949, ISO 9001 and 18001.

Quality Control

Asia Nama Company controls the quality of every primary unassembled parts, half-manufactured products and final products in accordance to the international standards’ procedures, technical documents and instructions on the basis of a scheduled and controlled plan. All tests and specific inspections of CNG cylinders are accomplished in accordance to the reference standards until the required quality is achieved and the product is passed approved. Using specific laboratorial devices and equipment against national and international standard test methods, Asia Nama Company investigates and controls through the production process the due factors assigned for quality raw material and products. In case of any deviation from the due quality plan, the product fails to achieve compliance approval and is sent through an amendment process. Any product complying with the quality plan achieves packing and dispatching permission. Quality Control Department directly supervises the process in every stages including the receipt of raw material and parts, half-way and final production, packing, storage and dispatching.

The due Quality Tests on CNG Cylinders are listed as below:

Hardness Test

Ultrasonic Test

Hydrostatic Test

Tensile Test

Impact Test

Brinel Hardness Test

Burst Test

Penetration Test

Cycling Test

Bonfire Test