quality control

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Natural gas needs a 200 bar compression in order to be consumed as vehicle fuel. This high pressure in vehicle’s fuel system and all related devices such as pumps and compressors calls for observation of high standard safety requirements.

Accordingly, Asian Nama CO. has purchased a number of full automatic quality control devices in compliance with ISO11439 (CNG cylinder manufacturing essential requirements standard). All of this machinery will have TUV standard and the product will obtain all the due international and national standard certificates.

Asia Nama Co. will establish the biggest and the most highly equipped quality control and periodical tests laboratory in the region.

In order to achieve the highest quality, Asia Nama people accomplish many different tests from the moment the raw material and primary parts are delivered in onto the moment the final product is dispatched to the customer and even after.

Test Series #1: Mid-production quality tests - accomplished completely on 100% of all cylinders.

Test Series #2: Destructive tests – implemented in laboratories in addition to mid-production non-destructive ones.

Safety Approval Tests: This last series of cylinder safety approval tests are accomplished on some randomly chosen cylinders out of any group of final products.